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Bronze in motion

There is certainly something special about the bird images that sculptress Jozephine Wortelboer depicts. The bronze sculpture has a stylized shape and is robust – nothing is incorporated that does not add something to the sculpture. Nonetheless, her birds are clearly identifiable, soft and in motion. Watch the kingfishers playing, listen to the blackbirds sing and feel the soft plumage of the hoopoe.

Birds are one of the artist’s favourite subjects. Some are placed high on poles, others low on a stone. “Birds appeal to me. Maybe it’s because of the proportions between the downy broad body and skinny legs. There is already a natural kind of tension and I’m always in search of tension. I play with space in my sculptures. I also create human figures, some of which I call ‘strange birds’. They are pluming their feathers just like
my birds, showing their colours similar to those in a courtship display.”

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